GGTL Laboratories

Switzerland  |  Liechtenstein

First pioneers in the melee parcels testing and grading for the watch industry more than twenty years ago, GGTL Laboratories also develop innovative scientific instruments specially built to improve gem testing. Moreover, their experienced gemmologists carry scientific research in various aspects of gemmology both at the laboratories and through fieldtrips.

Text: GGTL Laboratories


GGTL Laboratories is an independent gemmological laboratory that combines cutting-edge technology and expertise to serve the gem trade and the scientific research. The laboratories based in Geneva and Balzers offer gem, diamond, and pearl testing reports as well as diamond grading reports.


  • Mission: 
    ‣  Photography
    ‣  Videography
    ‣  Project conception
    ‣  Project consulting (web-design, et al.)
    ‣  Interview

    For internal and external communication: website, fairs, social media, etc.
  • Year:  Since 2018
  • Client:  GGTL Laboratories . Switzerland  |  Liechtenstein
  • Locations:  Geneva . Switzerland  |  Balzers . Liechtenstein