Forever Institut & Forever Boutique

Commercial Interior Art & Design

As a pioneering medical aesthetic institute, Forever Institute offers the most suited and advanced treatments after careful research and development. This Swiss family business stands for the highest quality.

Text: Forever Institut


  • Mission: 
    ‣  Project conception: video art-work 1 - Forever Boutique (installation of two 4K video-installations in slow-motion two meet clients need for a rectangle video-artwork)
    ‣  Project conception: video art-work 2 - Forever Boutique (installation of three 24 hours video-installations with 360° surround audio to create an audio-visual sound experience)
    ‣  Photography Studio Forever Institut - Installation of special photography studio including special light installation for medical purposes, including best-practices courses.
    ‣  Interior Design Forever Institut & Forever Boutique - choice of furniture, special painting
    ‣  Interior Design Forever Institut - special lighting for surgery
  • Year:  Since 2012
  • Client:  Forever Institut . Switzerland  |  Forever Boutique . Switzerland
  • Locations:  Lausanne  |  Geneva . Switzerland