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WeLug it for you!

"WeLug offer check-in and baggage drop-off services in off-site locations outside the airport: home, hotel and other dedicated locations.

WeLug assist you with the check-in of your flight: boarding passes, seat selection, etc.
WeLug take your luggage and check it in for you, no need to go through the airport check-in procedures.
WeLug also offer you the option of having your baggage delivered to your final destination on arrival, without having to wait at the baggage claim area.

Pack your bags, WeLug’ll take care of the rest."

Text: WeLug

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  • Mission: 
    ‣  Videography
    ‣  Project conception (video)
  • Year:  Since 2019
  • Client:  WeLug  |  Swissport . Switzerland
  • Locations:  International