Documentary & Portrait

Mohammed is living in Cairo, Egypt, and he is a Baoab. A Baoab in Cairo is acting “officially” as a concierge but is often rather treated like a general dogsbody than with human respect. While staying in Cairo in 2009 teaching Filmmaking at the GUC, Marin Raguž was living on a Houseboat, anchored to the shore of the Nile - Nile Corniche - where Mohammed had his “concierge-office” placed in the garden and taking care of the building. During his stay, Marin was able to film and witness Mohammed at work. Thanks to the help of local artist Emma Benany, he was able interviewing Mohammed who is telling his story and reflecting about how he is being treated like a dog by the owner of the houseboat while having no other chance than staying and endure the situation, day in and day out.

Text: Marin Raguž

Video stills


Protagonist: Mohammed
Interview and translation by Emma “Alabemma” Benany
Directed, filmed and edited by Marin Raguž


  • Category:  Film  |  Art
  • Format:  72 min  |  16:9  |  DV-CAM blowup to HD
  • Year:  2009
  • Locations:  Cairo . Egypt