Hans Saner
Hans Saner - Letter to my grandson



Hans Saner (* 3. Dec 1934 in Grosshöchstetten/Emmental; † 26. Dec 2017 in Basel) was a Swiss Philosopher and Social Critic. He studied philosophy, psychology and German literature. From 1962 to 1969 he was the personal assistant to Karl Jaspers.

For the birth of his grandson Louis, Hans Saner wrote him a letter about the wisdom of children and the wisdom of elders, which represents the matrix of this documentary project.

Text: Marin Raguž

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The documentary “Hans Saner - Letter to my grandson” portrays the life of the charismatic octogenarian Philosopher and approaches as well as illustrates the main topic of this letter, where Hans Saner generally calls the wisdom of elders into question, and, amongst others, confronts it with the wisdom of children.

Marin Raguž: "To be able to present the thinking process of Hans Saner, I’ve spent most of the time with him filming in dialogue - unfortunately, very soon after I’ve commenced shooting, Hans Saner was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease.

Knowing that very soon the day might come that Hans Saner, as well as his thoughts, will disappear for good, for the following years post diagnosis, I took the train almost every one to two weeks to stay in Basel for a couple of days, in order to film, portray and finally perpetuate Hans Saner, one of the last genuine philosophers."

The movie is in final production | post-production status and its finalization is estimated by 2021 | 2022.


  • Category:  Film   |   Documentary
  • Date:  In production since 2014 | 2015
  • Theme:
    ‣  Portray of Swiss Philosopher Hans Saner
    ‣  Wisdom of children vs. wisdom of elders
    ‣  Differential compatibility
  • Location:  Switzerland . Basel, Grosshöchstetten, Locarno, Geneva